was about the phone with a gentleman from Alabama last week, his brand is Tony and we had an extended conversation about other ways to acquire his t shirt designs out to the public. At the call's end, I told him that I hope I noted the call because it was a fantastic freaking call! He desired to realize some inexpensive techniques for getting it out, and that I won't say the things they are since I didn't get his authorization, although anyway, Tony made some good patterns. Because of the target party he was seeking, we discussed one area that was possible will be tshirt shops within the mall... I actually donot find out about your mall, but mine has like 2-3 shirt and cap type retailers. He believed about his types and felt many people could get it if they only noticed it. online shirts shopping in Pakistan Technique the shopowners right if you feel you've a terrific design. Why? Well, if your layout does well, and since these retailers come in enterprise to produce money... they earn money. Now, how would you approach these guys (or women)... You need to do what I call "Risk Reversal". In other words, you assume most of the chance, as the store owner thinks NONE! To put it differently, technique the store owner similar to this... Friend (or Ma'am), I feel my layout is what your shop is absent and that I'm 100% assured that if individuals discover these t-shirts, you may make massive profits. I'm so comfortable that Iam prepared to believe all of the risks by letting you retain 12 of my tshirts without any upfront payments. Should they do not sell, you borrowed from nothing to me... Should they market, then you and I both gain. Let this is left by me here and when they sell out, contact the number on my business-card and you 'll be brought by me some more. Good enough??? (don't say anything till they answer). Why is chance reversal taught by me? because it works, it is. If you're not willing to assume any chance whatsoever if the enterprise spend you cash that is upfront on your t-shirts and take the chance of probably not marketing one tee? Then suppose the chance if your design is that great... They will look at you rather differently. Bear in mind, these people are approached daily about some sort of possibility, and it's not often that someone will come around having an "threat change" proposal. If the storeowner makes money... Then you do too! With regards to the kind of t -shirs you're selling, try a gas station. They create very little profit on gas revenue, and that is why you view them promoting from watches, to fake teeth, dvds, and more... They're looking to generate revenue. Pass the same supply for them too... They're business people, they're not in to make money just like you are. You would possibly get happy because many own several filling stations.